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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Hodl Hodl?

Hodl Hodl is a global P2P Bitcoin trading platform that allows users to trade directly with each other and it doesn't hold user funds - locking it in multisig escrow instead - which minimizes the possibilities of Bitcoin theft and reduces trading time. Because Hodl Hodl does not hold any money (neither Bitcoin, nor fiat) it is not subject to complex compliance procedures. All trades happen directly between users' Bitcoin wallets.

How does Hodl Hodl work?

Hodl Hodl is a global P2P Bitcoin trading platform, where all trades occur directly between buyers and sellers, and without a middleman involved. Each time a contract is created between two parties, Hodl Hodl trading platform generates a multisig escrow Bitcoin address. The seller sends Bitcoin from his wallet to this account, and when the Bitcoin is locked in escrow, the buyer sends fiat to the seller. The seller then releases the locked Bitcoin from escrow using his payment password, and the buyer receives them into his wallet.

Why should I use Hodl Hodl?

Here are a few of our advantages:

  • Safety – we don't hold users' funds as other trading platforms do.
  • No KYC/AML – because, again, we don't hold users' funds.
  • Speed – because we don't hold user funds – all trades happen directly between users wallets.
  • Before you trade real Bitcoin, feel free to learn using our TESTNET.
  • Truly global trades!

How do I start trading?

  • Sign up with an e-mail and a password.
  • Click on the confirmation link you will receive in your e-mail.
  • You are good to go!

Do I need to download anything to start using the trading platform?

As mentioned previously, all trades on Hodl Hodl trading platform are happening directly between users Bitcoin wallets. So to use Hodl Hodl, you only need to have a Bitcoin wallet. You can choose which wallet you use. Everything else happens on the website.

How much does it cost to use Hodl Hodl?

There are different trading fee rates available on Hodl Hodl trading platform:

  1. Trading fee of 0.6% will be applied for every new registered user.
  2. Trading fee of 0.55% will be applied to your referrees that registered on Hodl Hodl with your referral code. You can also permanently decrease your trading fee to this level by referring at least one active trader.
  3. Trading fee of 0.5% will be applied for every user that has passed verification process.

Every user can see his trading fee rate on his profile page.

How fast can I buy or sell Bitcoin?

On Hodl Hodl you can create Offers, or engage in Contracts with 0 to 6 confirmations. The more confirmations you choose - the more time it will take for Bitcoin to be confirmed as the Bitcoin is locked in multisig escrow (the confirmation time depends on the blockchain). We strongly recommend you to use the "0 confirmations" option only with trusted or (and) verified traders.

What cryptocurrencies are available at Hodl Hodl?

At the moment, Hodl Hodl only provides you with the opportunity to trade Bitcoin.

What fiat currencies and locations are available at Hodl Hodl?

Hodl Hodl is a global P2P trading platform, therefore any fiat currency in the world is available, and we operate in every country.

It's entirely up to the users who create offers, to decide which fiat currencies to accept, and where the offer is located.

Security & Privacy

How secure is trading on Hodl Hodl?

The main priority of Hodl Hodl trading platform is keeping your funds and details safe. In order to start trading on our trading platform, you only need to provide a valid e-mail address and to create a password. During a trade, the funds are locked in multisig escrow, which requires 2 keys to make a release, therefore, even if something happens to the trading platform, your Bitcoin will remain unaffected.

In order to release the funds, two keys are needed - one belongs to the seller, one belongs to the buyer and the other one is Hodl Hodl's key. A buyer cannot receive the Bitcoin unless both the trading platform and the seller sign the transaction (unless the buyer wins a dispute). This arrangement ensures that both seller and buyer are protected from potential scamming. A seller is unable to return his Bitcoin to himself unless the trading platform signs the refund transaction (which requires the contract to be canceled, or in the case of a dispute, an explicit decision in his favor from a support manager).

Are you holding my funds?

No, we are not holding your funds. You are trading directly with your counterparty. Hodl Hodl trading platform only holds one of the keys to the multisig escrow, which ensures safe trading for both buyers and sellers.

What is 2fa?

Two-factor authentication is an advanced level of security which makes it harder to gain access to your account.

How to create a 2fa password for Hodl Hodl?

On page “Profile” click at button "Edit your profile" and click "Two-factor authentication". Follow the instructions.

What should I do if I lost my 2fa password?

You can use one of your printable backup codes to sign in which were created when you set up your Two-factor authentication.

The site says my 2fa password is wrong. What should I do?

Invalid tokens are caused by incorrect device clock settings. Your clock must show the correct local time, date and time zone to work properly. Phones must be set to use internet time to make sure the clock is synced properly. If you do not wish to sync your clock, Android and Windows phones have an option to correct for time errors inside the Authenticator app properties.


What does "Offer" mean?

An offer is an open proposal to buy or sell Bitcoin on Hodl Hodl trading platform. Other traders may accept your offer and create a contract with you.

How many offers can I create?

We are not limiting our users with the amount of offers they can have. The one condition we’re requiring of our customers is - how many enabled offers they can have simultaneously. You can have as many enabled offers, in any given moment, as is possible according to your limit level. For more information, check FAQs section called “Limits”.

What is the difference between exchange rate based price and fixed price?

The best way to set the price for your offer, is to tie it to a current trading platform rate on one of the Bitcoin trading platforms. Since the price is constantly fluctuating, unless you're updating your offer frequently a fixed price may fall out of sync with your own, or your potential counterparties, expectations. By tying the price to an trading platform rate, you can avoid that problem, while also setting a premium.

If the price is tied to one of the available exchanges, it updates every 5 minutes.

What is a price expression?

Price expressions allows you to automatically update your price with the price fluctuations of Bitcoin. They work by taking price information that we automatically fetch from market data sources (Bitcoin exchanges) and updating the price of your advertisement as soon as new price information is fetched. To create a custom price expression you select your market data sources and combine or modify them using know mathematical operators.

The final price calculated from the price expression is for 1 BTC. Market data sources also always return the price for 1 BTC. On the right from the expression field you can choose in which currency your offer will be posted. For example - final price, received from your expression has a value X and you choose currency EUR, that means, that your offer will have a price of X EUR for BTC.

In cases, if your expression is entered wrong (has a mistake) or a price cannot be calculated - you will be informed about a mistake in your expression.

Make your own expression

To do so, you need to choose an “Expression” tab on offer creation page

First step - choosing pricing source

First of all you should choose a source of BTC price, it can be one or several market price sources. You should carefully choose which exchange you base your price on, you can find a list of all available market sources at the end of this guide. A simple expression only uses one market data source. Such expression has a general form - _BTC_.

The expression below uses data about BTC price in euro from Bitcoin exchange Kraken:


Note: some exchanges might not have a data on BTC price to a currency used in expression. In such cases you will get a notification about a mistake in your expression.

Second step - Use operators to modify your expression

Operators are different mathematical functions that you can use to adjust and change your price expression to fit your own needs. You can see the operators that are supported in the table below.

Operator Example expression Example value Operator description
+ 1 + 1 2 Add two values together
- 5 - 2 3 Subtract the right value from the left one
* 5 * 2 10 Multiply two values
/ 5 / 2 2.5 Divide the left value by the right one
^ 5^2 25 Exponent - left value raised to the power of right
min(a, b) min(25, 100) 25 Minimum gives returns the smaller of the two values inside the parenthesis. You can chain min() inside another to get the smallest value of multiple numbers. e.g.
min(min(25, 100),min(20, 300)) = 20
max(a, b) max(25, 100) 100 Maximum gives returns the larger of the two values inside the parenthesis. You can chain max() inside another to get the largest value of multiple numbers. e.g.
max(max(25, 100), max(20, 300)) = 300

Negative numbers can be defined with - sign without space before the digit.
Correct: 5 + -5
Invalid: 5 + - 5

The simplest example of using operator - to add your markup on top of the market price. For example, you want to add 10% on top of the market price, to get your margin, this way you need to multiply the market price by 1.1, raising price for 10%. The resulting expression looks like this:

Kraken_BTC_EUR * 1.1

If you sell bitcoin, offerer at two different exchanges, it would be profitably for you, if price of your offer was based on higher price (exchange rate). To do this the operator max() is useful. It is used to choose the larger of two values given to it. To use the max() operator you enter two values separated by a comma into the parenthesis. The values entered can be a market data source (Bitcoin exchange) or any number.

In our example we want to use the higher price in EUR of two different exchanges - Kraken and Binance:

max(Kraken_BTC_EUR, Binance_BTC_EUR)

This expression will first fetch pricing data in EUR from the two exchanges, Kraken and Binance, and turn it into two numbers and then selects the more expensive price of the two. If you want, you can add other operators. For example, to add your margin of 10%, in this case expression will look as followed:

max(Kraken_BTC_EUR, Binance_BTC_EUR) * 1.1

Third step - choose a currency for your offer

On the right from a expression field you need to choose in which currency your offer price will be showed. After currency is chosen, under expression field you will see an end price for 1 BTC, which was achieved using your entered expression. We recommend, before going to next steps of the offer creation, to check your expression and final result one more time, to ensure, that they everything was entered correctly as you wanted.

Bitcoin market price sources:

  • Binance
  • Bitfinex
  • Bitpay
  • Bitstamp
  • CoinMarketCap
  • Coinbase
  • Exmo
  • Kraken
  • Localbitcoins
  • Paxful
  • Yadio

Does the offer price have a limit?

Yes, whether the offer price is fixed or tied to an exchange, the price of the Bitcoin shall not deviate more than 20% from the market rate.

This rule doesn't apply to private offers.

What is the "Offer balance"?

When creating an offer, every user is able to specify the offer balance - the total amount of fiat offer creator is willing to trade within this specific offer. This is the max amount that may be purchased through the offer, in terms of fiat or, if it’s a sell offer, in terms of Bitcoin (in fiat equivalent).

The balance is reduced by the amount of each completed contract through the offer, and when the remaining balance has been expended, the offer becomes inactive unless you update this field.

What does "Payment window" mean?

The time within which both parties (you and your counterparty) must transfer funds, and therefore finalize the contract (trade). Unless the contract is finalized in the specified time, a dispute may be started, or the contract may be canceled (and depending on the status, it may be canceled automatically).

What does "Working hours" mean when creating a new offer?

The working hours determine the time period that your offer, in the offers list, will be active and visible to other traders and/or available through the link. If you set your "start" and "end" time to be equal, then your offer will be available 24/7.

What is the difference between "payment type", "payment method", "payment method instruction", and "details"?

  • Payment type - A default payment type is selected according to the specific payment method. For example, a "SEPA transfer" payment method is a "Bank wire" payment type.
  • Payment method - This is the specific method used for a payment. It can be a payment system such as "Paypal" or "Qiwi" or a "SEPA transfer" etc.
  • Payment method instruction - This is the payment method combined with specific payment details. For example, the account number and the selected payment method.
  • Details - This is your unique payment data, which you provide together with the payment method (for example, bank account number).

Should I add a new set of payment instructions each time I create an Offer/Contract?

No. Hodl Hodl will remember your payment instructions by the name you enter for them, and the next time you create an Offer/Contract with same Payment method, you can choose the saved payment instructions from the dropdown list.

When do users see my payment details and description of my offer?

The payment details that you specify during the offer/contract creation, are seen to other users ONLY when they create a contract with you.

The offer description can be seen by every user, even when not logged in.

Can I make my offer private?

Yes, this means other users won't be able to see it in the trading platforms offer list, and it would only be accessible through the link. To do this, mark the checkbox "Private" on the offer creation or editing page.

Don't forget that offer will only be publicly accessible if enabled.

May I make my offer temporarily unavailable, and not delete it permanently?

Yes, if you want to make your offer temporarily unavailable to other users, click the "Disable" button on the offer's page.

How do I delete my Offer?

Find the offer you want to delete, in the list of offers, which is located on the "My Offers" page. Click on the offer to go to the offer's page, and then click "Delete".

What are the different offer statuses?

Offer’s can be either enabled or disabled.

If the offer is disabled, then it has the status “Disabled” and it’s not visible in the offer list, nor available through the link.

Enabled offers can have two statuses:

  • “Active” - the offer is visible in the offer list, and/or available through the link.
  • “Inactive” - the offer is not visible in the offer list, nor available through the link.

Basically the offer status "Inactive" and the condition "Disabled" are almost exactly the same, with only one difference: if the offer is “Disabled” - then it cannot become “Active” unless you manually activate it. If the status of the offer is “Inactive” - then at some point in time, it’s status could automatically change to “Active”.

Why has my offer become inactive?

Enabled offers can automatically change from “Active” to “Inactive” status, and back and forth, in the following cases, but is not limited to only these:

  • Offer hours. If the offer has working hours, then during these working hours, it will be “Active”, otherwise the status will be “Inactive”.
  • Limit for active contracts. In the event you have reached your limit for active contracts, your offer will become “Inactive” until the moment you’re able to start a new contract, according to your limits.
  • Suspension of account. If your account has been suspended, for any reason, for this time, your offers become “Inactive”.

In each case, the reason for the “Inactive” status can be seen on your offer page.

Site says "сontract amount can't be greater than offer balance" however, offer balance is enough to create a contract for the specified amount. What should I do?

You may only face this issue if you navigate to the offer to sell (you’re buying) and enter a contract amount that’s equal or slightly below the offer balance. This happens, because we also subtract the counterparties part of the commission from the offer balance, in addition to the contract amount.

Let’s assume, you are viewing the offer to sell, it’s balance is equal to 10,000 USD with an offer price of 10,000 USD, and the trading fee is 0.6%. If you enter an amount of 10,000 USD for the contract, we won’t allow you to create this contract (despite the offer balance being enough, at first glance), because seller would have to send more than 10,000 USD (in Bitcoin equivalent) to the escrow. He would have to send 10,000 USD + his part of the trading fee, which exceeds the offer balance.

To avoid this issue, simply enter an amount less than you previously entered.

How do I use filters on the Bitcoin buy/sell pages?

If you wish to use filters, you can use either one filter (example: you're looking for offers in a particular country), or several filters simultaneously (example: you're looking for offers in a particular country with a payment method of your choice).


What does "Contract" mean?

A contract is a trade to buy/sell Bitcoin. When you accept an Offer on Hodl Hodl trading platform, you engage that contract.

How many Contracts can I create?

You can have as many simultaneous contracts as it’s available according to your limit level. Check FAQs section “Limits” for more information.

How does a multisig escrow address work?

Escrow is a P2SH Bitcoin multisignature address, which requires 2-out-of-3 keys to sign a transaction: one belongs to Seller, another to Buyer, and the third to Hodl Hodl.

Each time a contract is created between two parties, Hodl Hodl trading platform generates a unique multisig escrow Bitcoin address. Seller then sends Bitcoin from his wallet to this escrow, and while the Bitcoin is locked in escrow, buyer sends fiat to the seller. Then seller releases Bitcoin from escrow, using his payment password, and buyer receives the Bitcoin in his wallet.

  • If everything goes well in the contract, buyer receives Bitcoin once seller and Hodl Hodl have both signed the transaction.
  • If the contract has been canceled or seller wins a dispute - seller will be able to make a refund, since two keys are required and Hodl Hodl will sign the transaction.
  • If buyer wins a dispute - he will be able to make a release, since two keys are required and Hodl Hodl will sign the transaction.

What is the minimum amount of Bitcoin I can buy or sell?

The minimum amount to buy or sell bitcoins 0.001.

How do fees work?

The trading platform receives fees in Bitcoin only, thus they are deducted from the deposit upon release of the deposit (and only if the contract was completed successfully). However, since it would be unfair for the market to make the buyer pay all the fees (since he'd receive a lesser amount than was deposited by the seller), half of that fee in fiat currency is also deducted from the sum the buyer needs to send to the seller. This way, both buyer and seller pay equal shares of the fee.

For example: there's a trade for 1 BTC for $10,000 (price $10,000, contract value $10,000). Let's say the trading fee is 0.6%. The trading platform will withhold 0.006 BTC from the funds sent by the seller. The buyer will receive 0.994 BTC and will be asked to send $9970 to the seller - thus we can now see that both buyer and seller paid equal amounts of commission on their respective sides: 0.003 BTC or $30.

Another important case is when buyer and seller have different fee rates. For example, an trading platform may give a pro-trader a fee discount with a rate of 0.3% instead of 0.6%. In this case, the lowest among the two is picked as a fee rate for the contract between the two users. In this particular case it would be 0.3%.

When on offer page trying to create a contract, the two fields for the amounts will show you:

  • The fiat field shows the amount to be paid with half the trading fee already deducted. Thus if you enter 1 BTC and the price is $10,000 it will show you $9970.
  • The Bitcoin field will show you the amount including all the fees: thus a buyer entering 1 BTC should expect to receive less.

Finally, there's also a transaction fee deducted from the deposit on its release. The problem with transaction fees is that it's hard to estimate them beforehand and so we only assign a certain transaction fee when the deposit is actually released, not when the contract is created - therefore, it would also be hard to partially deduct that fee from the fiat part of the contract - transaction fee is always paid by the buyer (as he receives less than expected).

What is the payment password?

The payment password is an encryption key for user's escrow key pair. Payment password seller and buyer create within their first contract and they use it in order to deposit or release Bitcoin to or from escrow.

What's the difference between an account password and a payment password?

Your account password is the password that you use to access your account, and make changes to your profile.

Your payment password is used in order to deposit or release Bitcoin to or from escrow.

Please be sure remember both passwords and store them in a safe place.

How to change the payment password?

The payment password may be changed in your dashboard settings. We allow you to change the payment password only if you don’t have unlocked funds in other contracts and/or active contracts.

What do the different contract statuses mean?

  • Pending - The very beginning of a contract workflow. The seller has not yet sent Bitcoin to the multisig escrow address. Both parties can still cancel the contract. If payment window expires, contract cancels automatically.
  • Depositing - The seller is currently in the process of sending Bitcoin to the multisig escrow address. Only the seller can cancel the contract at this stage. If payment window expires, contract cancels automatically.
  • In progress - the Bitcoin is now locked in the multisig escrow address. Only the buyer can cancel the contract at this stage. If payment window expired, seller can cancel the contract.
  • Paid - The Bitcoin are still locked in the multisig escrow address, the buyer has sent fiat payment to the seller. No one can cancel the contract.
  • Completed - The seller has released the Bitcoin from escrow, to the address specified by the buyer. The contract is finalized.
  • Disputed - One of the counterparties started a dispute due to problems or miscommunication.
  • Resolved — Dispute is resolved. Resolved disputes cannot be revised or reversed.

How can I cancel the contract?

You can only cancel a contract during specific points in its lifetime.

  • When the contract is in "Pending" status - both - the seller and buyer - can cancel the contract. If payment window expires, contract cancels automatically.
  • When the contract is in "Depositing" status - only the seller can cancel the contract. If payment window expires, contract cancels automatically.
  • When the contract is in "In progress" status - only the buyer can cancel the contract. If payment window expired, seller can cancel the contract.
  • When the contract is in "Paid" status - no one can cancel the contract.
  • When the contract is in "Completed" status - no one can cancel the contract.
  • When the contract is in “Disputed” status - no one can cancel the contract.
  • When the contract is in "Resolved" status - no one can cancel the contract.
  • If status of the contract is “Depositing”, or “In progress” you are not able to cancel the contract - you may wait until the payment window expires and then you’ll be able to cancel it.

What happens if the contract was canceled?

If a contract is canceled before Bitcoin was sent to the escrow address, then nothing specific happens - both parties may continue using our trading platform, the same as prior to beginning the contract.

If a contract is canceled, and the Bitcoin was already sent to the escrow address, or was sent after the contract was canceled, the seller has the option to refund directly to his Bitcoin address, which he specifies during the refund process. Refund transaction fees for delivering the Bitcoin to the seller’s address are deducted from the amount locked in escrow.

Canceled contracts do not affect user’s metrics.

What happens if seller sent the wrong amount to the escrow address?

In the event of seller sending the wrong amount of Bitcoin to the escrow address, the contract will automatically and immediately be canceled, once Hodl Hodl successfully broadcasts this transaction.

I sent Bitcoin to an escrow address, but the site doesn't see the transaction. What should I do?

Depending on the amount of confirmations required by the contract, it could take some time for the transaction to be confirmed, and for the funds to appear in the multisig escrow address. Additionally, if the transaction backlog is high and blocks are full, transactions take more time to be included into a block. When the transaction is successfully broadcasted, you can click on the "Deposit transaction ID" link to check the transaction status. Hodl Hodl trading platform will inform both involved parties, as soon as the transaction is confirmed, and the funds are locked in escrow. Even if the payment window expires and your Bitcoin is still on the way, you will be able to either continue with the contract or refund them back to your wallet.

The buyer is not sending the funds while Bitcoin is locked in escrow. What should I do?

You should try to contact your counterparty in the chatroom while your are on the contract page. In case the buyer isn't answering - don't panic. When the payment window expires, you'll be able to refund your Bitcoin from escrow if contract status is “In progress”, but if status is “Paid”, you’ll be able to start a dispute.

What should I do if a contract is being disputed?

If you or your counterparty start a dispute, the support manager will join you in the contract's chatroom within 10 hours after the dispute has started. The support manager will study the case, and give you further instructions in order to resolve dispute.

What does "deposit transaction ID" mean?

Deposit transaction ID is an ID of the Bitcoin transaction from the seller's wallet to a multisig escrow address. By clicking on the "Deposit transaction ID" link, you'll be able to see details about the transaction on the blockchain.

What does "release transaction ID" mean?

Release transaction ID is an ID of the transaction from the multisig escrow to the address specified by the buyer, or back to seller's address (if the contract is canceled). By clicking on the "Release transaction ID" link, you'll be able to see information about the transaction on the blockchain.

What is the Bitcoin address I enter on my dashboard settings used for?

This address is required to participate in contracts: this is where you'll receive Bitcoin when you buy. This is also where you will receive Bitcoin if, as a seller, you conduct a refund. You are able to change your address for every contract.

We strongly suggest you update your Bitcoin address from time to time. After you generate a new address in your wallet, you can go to the "Dashboard settings" page, and paste your new address into the "Bitcoin address" field, and then save the changes.

Can I change my Bitcoin address when I'm engaged in a contract?

While you can change your Bitcoin address in your “Dashboard” at any time, existing contracts will use the address that was there at the moment of contract creation (or the one that you’ve mentioned within contract creation).

What is considered a "High volume trade"?

In every users profile the metric “High volume trades” means, how many trades the user has had, with an amount greater than or equal to 0.3 BTC or 20 LTC.

Does Hodl Hodl support SegWit?

Yes, Hodl Hodl supports SegWit in the scope:

  • Native Bech32 SegWit addresses: send and receive funds directly from escrow to Bech32 addresses;
  • P2SH-P2WSH SegWit multisig escrow addresses: when trading on Hodl Hodl, every multisig address is generated in SegWit format.

How to set up Telegram Notification bot?

  1. Go to @hodlhodlnotificationsbot in Telegram;
  2. Press Start;
  3. Log in to hodlhodl.com;
  4. Go to the notifications tab in your account settings;
  5. Copy your notifications key;
  6. Send your notifications key to our bot.

From now on, you will receive all notifications about your trades in Telegram. To stop receiving the notifications, send /stop to our bot.

Payment methods

What payment methods are available at Hodl Hodl trading platform?

You can find the entire list of payment methods available at Hodl Hodl trading platform on the “Payment methods” page under the “All Payment Methods” tab.

To navigate there, move the mouse in the top right corner of the screen - there you’ll find a button “Payment methods” - click there and you’ll be taken to the page where all payment method information is located.

Can I suggest a new payment method be added to Hodl Hodl?

Yes, you can create a request for adding a new payment method on Hodl Hodl trading platform from the “Payment methods” page - there you’ll find a button “Add Payment Method”.

By clicking on that button, you’ll be taken to a request form you can submit, where you’ll have to indicate:

  • the payment type - of the method you’re suggesting;
  • the name of the payment method;
  • the country, where you want to use it (if country won’t be set - payment method will be considered as global);
  • a comment with a description of the payment method (optional field);

After submitting a request, the payment method will be available for use once an administrator approves it (takes up to 24 hours).

What’s the process of adding a new payment method?

  • You submit a request for adding a new payment method;
  • Administrator reviews it and either approves or declines (takes up to 24 hours);
  • In both cases - you’ll be notified. If your request has been approved - you can start to use this payment method right away.

Where can I find the status of my request?

Go to “Payment methods” page - to navigate there, move the mouse in the top right of the screen - there you’ll find a button “Payment Methods” - click there and you’ll be taken to the status page.

Once you’ve successfully navigated to this page, click “My Requests” - and there you’ll find only those payment methods which are in the status “Pending” and/or “Declined”.

If an administrator has already approved the payment method you suggested, you can find it under the tab “All payment methods”.

What is "Payment method has been merged with another one"?

In case a payment method you suggested already exists, or has been tied to another country - the administrator can merge these two payment methods into one.

For example, if Hodl Hodl already has payment method “A” that worked in Russia, and you suggested payment method “A” to work in Spain - an administrator will merge these two payment methods, this will result in payment method “A” being available in two countries: Russia and Spain.

Why can’t I find a payment method, if I know it’s available at Hodl Hodl?

All payment methods at Hodl Hodl are tied to specific locations - it can be either “Global”, meaning that payment method operates in every country in the world, or specific country(-ies).

If the payment method you’re interested in is tied to a specific country, you’ll be able to find it in the list during offer creation, and when filtering the public offer list, by country.


Are there any limits for a user on Hodl Hodl trading platform?

Yes, immediately after registration, we apply initial limit level to each user.

Why are limits needed?

We apply limits to users for the sake of improving your overall experience, specifically your safety and comfort level when using our trading platform.

Our trading platform offers many features, and each feature could potentially become a target of any of the well known spam & scam cases in the crypto-community, so we have taken the necessary steps to reduce this possibility so that unfair users cannot harm you, and user limits help protect users.

What kind of limits are there on Hodl Hodl?

We give each user a specific limit level, and depending on this level, specific limitations are applied.

Each user is limited by:

  • the total number of contracts he can have simultaneously;
  • the number of simultaneous enabled offers a user can have (we do not limit the total number of offers that you can have - only the enabled ones);
  • the maximum amount of bitcoins that can be traded in a single contract;

Also, there are conditions for how a user can proceed to the next limit level (user has to fulfill all of them):

  • the user must meet a required minimum number of successfully ended trades;
  • a certain percentage of these contracts must be performed with different traders;
  • the user must have a specific volume in bitcoins;

In table below, we provide detailed information about the limits and conditions which are applied to each specific limit level.

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3
Not verified user Verified user
Max contracts 5 600 1000 100 20 1000 16 20 80
Max offers 5 1000 15 16 20 1000 16 20 80
Max one time trade in BTC 1.0 2.0 5.0 8.0 10.0 30.0 8.0 15.0 30.0
Needed contracts for next level 20 100 200 1000 50 100 30 50
Needed volume in BTC for next level 3.0 1.0 3.0 5.0 10.0 10.0 5.0 10.0 1.0
Needed % of contracts with different users 50.0 50.0 50.0 50.0 50.0 50.0 50.0 50.0 50.0

As you can see here, limits differ between verified traders and unverified traders.

How can I know which limit level is applicable to me?

You can find it on your profile page. To navigate there, move the mouse to the top right of the screen - there you’ll find a button “Profile” - click there and you’ll be taken to your personal profile page, where your limit level is indicated.

Can I see other user’s limit level on Hodl Hodl trading platform?

No, you can’t see the limit level of other users on Hodl Hodl trading platform - your limit level is private and only visible to you.

Can my limit level be downgraded?

Once you’ve fulfilled the necessary conditions and reached a certain limit level it cannot be changed without administrator intervention.

This means your limit level can be downgraded in only two cases:

  • if an administrator has downgraded you from verified to unverified status;
  • if an administrator has changed the limits and conditions for all users on the trading platform;

Can the limits and conditions mentioned above be changed anytime?

Changes won’t happen often, certainly not on a daily basis, however as bitcoin price change daily, we reserve the right to change the limits and conditions provided above, so they are relevant and consistent with the prices.

If any changes are expected to occur, or do occur, we’ll certainly and immediately inform you through our primary contact methods.

Account & Profile

How do I change the password?

On page “Profile” go to “Edit your profile” and click there "Change password".

What should I do if I forgot my password?

Don't worry. On the "Sign in" page, click on the "Forgot your password?" link and follow the instructions.

What should I do if did not receive confirmation instructions?

Click on "Didn't receive confirmation instructions?" on the "Sign in" page and follow the instructions.

How do I change my e-mail?

Go to the "Profile" page, click on button “Edit your profile” where you can type your new e-mail address into the "Email" field, and save your changes. You will then need to confirm the change by clicking the link we sent to your old email address.

How can I share my reputation from other P2P trading platforms?

Hodl Hodl allows you to share your reputation from other P2P trading platforms with our traders.

Go to your "Profile" page, click the button “Edit your profile” and navigate to the tab “P2P Profiles” - where you will find further instructions.

Once you have successfully submitted your request, and the administrator has reviewed your profile (takes up to 24 hours), your nickname from another P2P trading platform will be displayed on your profile at Hodl Hodl.

What is the “Trusted Devices” option?

Trusted devices is an added security measure to further protect your account. When it’s enabled, you're only allowed to log in from trusted devices.

To turn “Trusted Devices” on, go to "Profile" page, click the button “Edit your profile” and mark the checkbox “Only trusted devices”.

How does "Trusted Devices" feature work?

After turning on this security feature, every time a new device attempts to access your account, you'll immediately be sent an email containing a unique code, which you'll have to enter on Hodl Hodl in order to access your account from the new device.

If you have already confirmed a device - you won’t need to verify it again.

Also, after having entered the unique code, you’ll then be able to set your preferences to not remember a device from which you have logged in. Thus, requiring device confirmation upon the next login attempt from this device.

What does the green/grey/yellow dot or indicator over a user's avatar mean?

On the contract's page:

  • Green - your counterparty is on the same page with you.
  • Yellow - your counterparty is on the website, but on another page.
  • Grey - your counterparty is offline.

On other pages of the site:

  • Green - the trader is online and on the site.
  • Yellow - not in use.
  • Grey - the trader is offline.

What do the "Verified" status mean?

“Verified” - is a user who has completed the verification process, and has provided us with all necessary documents and information.

What kind of advantages do "Verified" status have?

“Verified” traders have the following advantages:

  • smaller limits on trading;
  • the title “Verified” next to their nickname;
  • more trust from customers;
  • more trust from Hodl Hodl administration;
  • smaller fees - 0.5% instead of 0.6%;

How do I complete the verification process?

To complete personal ID verification or corporate verification, please send us an e-mail at requesting it. By completing corporate verification, you will be given an opportunity to register up to five accounts that will be granted “Verified” status. Plus, we may consider additional benefits for the companies that have passed corporate verification.

Do not forget, that verification is NOT mandatory and you can trade on Hodl Hodl trading platform without completing it.

Can I block another user?

To block another user: log in to your account, go to their profile page and press the “Block user” button.

Blocking a user means this:

  • They won't be able to see your offers in the offer list.
  • They won't be able to view to your offers and create new contracts with you.
  • You will be able to see their blocked status on their profile page.
  • The blocked user won't see they are blocked by you.

If you block a user, you will still be able to view their offers and create new contracts with them.

What does a block on my account mean?

A badge saying "Blocked" on your profile means that you have been blocked by the Hodl Hodl administration.

You can still access your account, but with the following limitations:

  • You are unable to create new offers or contracts.
  • Your offers become temporarily inactive.
  • You can still complete ongoing contracts.

Our support team usually sends an email to such users regarding the reason for the block. If you have not received any such information, Please contact us at .

Referral program

What is the referral program?

Our referral program is a way to earn money if you invite a friend to register with Hodl Hodl and this person eventually completes at least one trade using our trading platform.

How does it work?

Send the referral link provided in the referral dashboard to your friends and they can sign up using the link (or your code). After they complete a trade, you get paid.

Where I can find referral dashboard?

You can find the link to the referral dashboard by moving the mouse in the top right of the screen - there you’ll find a button “Referral program” - click there and you’ll be taken to your personal referral dashboard.

When and how do I get paid?

Every time your referree, the user you have referred, completes a trade, you instantly and automatically get paid a percentage of the Hodl Hodl trading fee. The exact percentage of the Hodl Hodl trading fee you earn is shown in your referral dashboard.

The reward is sent to the release address you provided in “Dashboard settings”.

What happens if I didn’t provide a release address?

In case, if you have not provided a release address before your referree completed the contract, you won’t get paid from this trade.

Where can I see earned amount?

You can see the amount of Bitcoin you have earned through the referral program in your referral dashboard.

Who is the "Referrer", "Joined User", "Referree", and "Active Trader"?

“Referrer” is a user who invites other people to join the Hodl Hodl trading platform.

A “Joined User” has registered on the Hodl Hodl trading platform using the “Referrer’s” referral code.

“Referree” is the same as “Joined User”. This user has registered on the Hodl Hodl trading platform using the “Referrer’s” referral code.

"Active Trader” - this is a user, who’s had at least one contract end successfully in the last 3 months.

For how long can I use referral program and to earn the commission?

You can use our referral program forever, and you’ll always continue to earn commission from any and all active traders you have invited - there are no restrictions nor time limits for you.

How long does a user remain my “Referree” for?

The User is considered as your referree forever - once he registers on Hodl Hodl trading platform with your referral code.

Do I get paid if my referree didn’t pay any commission on the trade?

In the event of Hodl Hodl not earning an trading fee from a completed trade, where your referree(s) participated, you won’t be compensated (this is possible when one of the counterparties has an trading fee of 0%).

What happens if two of my referrees trade with each other?

If two of your referrees complete a trade with each other, you earn increased referral commission, but it is capped at 10% from of the trading platform commission Hodl Hodl earns.

What happens if two referrees trade with each other, but they both have different referrers?

If two referrees of different referrers trade with each other, each of the referrers is always going to receive the applicable referree commission rate. Hence, the total referree commission that Hodl Hodl can pay to referrers in one contract is capped at 20% (both referrers can get up to 10%).

What are the benefits of referring new users, besides earning a commission from each referree I make?

Besides the permanent referree commission, you can decrease your trading fee by referring at least one “Active trader” - once you’ve done this, you’ll get the discounted trading fee of 0.55% forever.

When can I become a referrer?

As soon as someone registers with your referral code on the Hodl Hodl trading platform, you become a referrer automatically.

Will my referree receive any bonus by registering with referral code?

Of course. Right after registering with your referral code, the user will permanently receive the discounted trading fee of 0.55%, instead of 0.6%.

If you have other questions, please contact us via